Covid Response

Res. & Group Home Docs

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Cleaning of Safety Glasses Procedure (CSS)5/28/2020Download
CMOH Order 29-2020: Table 15 - Risk Tolerance Assessment9/17/2020Download
CMOH Order 32-20209/16/2020Download
CMOH Order 32-2020: Table 9 - Risk of Unknown Exposure9/16/2020Download
CMOH Order 32-2020: Tables 10 & 11 - Safety Precautions for Resident Returning from Off-Site Activity9/17/2020Download
CMOH Order-16 2021 5/7/2021Download
COVID-19 - Outbreak Management Congregate Guidelines (AHS)5/28/2020Download
COVID-19 Mask Instructions (CSS)5/28/2020Download
COVID-19 Outbreak Congregate Living Management Chart (CSS)6/1/2020Download
Guidelines for Continuous Masking in Continuing Care Settings (AHS)5/28/2020Download
Guidelines for Continuous Masking in Healthcare Settings (AHS)5/28/2020Download
Guidelines for Continuous Masking in Home Care & Congregate Living Settings (AHS)5/28/2020Download
How to Care for a COVID-19 Patient at Home (AHS)5/28/2020Download
Infection Prevention Control for Service Providers10/9/2020Download
Letter: Community & Social Services-Disability Service Providers (GOA)5/28/2020Download
Masking in Congregate Living Sites (AHS)5/28/2020Download
Poster: PPE for Patients Suspect or Confirm in Clinics, Group Homes & Shelters (AHS)5/28/2020Download
Poster: Visitor Alert (AHS)5/28/2020Download
Revised Service Instructions for COVID-19 Practices - 02-24-20213/5/2021Download
Revised Service Instructions for COVID-19 Practices - Addendum3/5/2021Download
Routine Practices in Community-based Services (AHS)5/28/2020Download
Routine Practices in Continuing Care (AHS)5/28/2020Download
Safe Transportation Guidelines (CSS)9/16/2020Download
Safe Visiting Practices - Edmonton & North Central PDD Homes (CSS)10/9/2020Download
Safe Visiting Practices - Non-Licensed Homes (CSS)10/9/2020Download

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